London, 1995, Political Intelligence is born.  Since that time our UK team has grown steadily to become one of the most trusted and respected public affairs agencies covering Westminster and the devolved regions.  We have developed and executed hundreds of public affairs campaigns for our clients and built long term relationships along the way. Our team has experience of both industry and parliament and is passionate about ensuring that policy is fit for purpose allowing our clients to thrive.


Since its inception in 1997, the Brussels office of Political Intelligence has been dedicated to providing European and Belgian public affairs services to both private and public organisations covering a wide range of sectors. Based right between the European and the Belgian Parliament, we are dedicated to bringing our clients closer to the policy sphere, helping them understand the Brussels maze. To achieve this, our dynamic team of multinational consultants focuses on delivering results and understanding clients’ concerns. By working closely with our European network of offices, Political Intelligence has built a solid experience in both bottom-up and top-down campaigns fostering global synergies.


Political Intelligence was one of the first international public affairs consultancies to launch in Spain, in 2001, with the opening of our office in Madrid. This allowed us to play a key role in the progress, growth and improvement of public affairs in Spain and participate in the process of developing public policies and industry legislation in a wide range of sectors. We have substantially contributed to promoting a stable regulatory framework for over 100 clients in a wide range of sectors at national, regional and local level.

Since 2011 we also manage a web platform called POLÍTICAS, whose main objective is to offer public affairs professionals, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders the experience and knowledge of our team on public policies, regulation and parliamentary procedure, as well as our vision on the recent political developments from a technical and specialized point of view. The articles, reports and analysis published during these last years have placed POLÍTICAS as the Hub of reference in public affairs and lobby in Spain.



Political Intelligence was established in Paris, France in 2015.  We follow political and regulatory developments at the heart of the Executive part of Government as well as those of the Parliament (National Assembly and Senate) and analyse their impact on our clients.

French politics is not limited to the national level so we also cover a wide range of stakeholders influencing the public sphere including trade unions, social groups and professional bodies including local and political and economic bases powers as regional councils, chambers of commerce and Mayors.


Political Intelligence expanded to the United States in 2017, anchoring the firm’s global reach. In Washington, Political Intelligence is at the forefront of different public policy debates, working with stakeholders to develop and execute advocacy and engagement strategies before Congress, the administration, and the regulatory agencies.

The Political Intelligence Washington team has deep experience building successful public affairs campaigns on behalf of organizations of all shapes and sizes and across multiple industries. We take pride in becoming a trusted strategic advisor to our clients and in forming relationships that provide them with long-term value.


In 2018, Political Intelligence was established in Lisbon, with an office specialized in monitoring, advocacy and engagement to the main public decision players, whether on the level of Government, Parliament, Republic Presidency and Local Government, whether on the level of other public and social organizations and entities.

With a vast portfolio in elaborating and executing successful public affairs strategies and campaigns for its clients across the country, and operating within Political Intelligence’s global network, Lisbon’s team works in projects and with stakeholders from different economic sectors, preserving both confidence and confidentiality as cornerstones of the relationships with its clients.

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