By April 24, 2015EU insight

By the London technology team

Mobile bankers’ bonus

Mobile transactions are set to double over the next 25 years, research from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) finds. 66% of Britons will access their bank accounts online in five years’ time and the value of mobile transactions is projected to double to £3.4 billion in 2020.

The results demonstrate how consumers are increasingly shifting towards digital channels when shopping or sending money. The trends are part of a wider shift in which traditional banking institutions are coming under increasing pressure from digital challengers. The wider financial technology sector (commonly known as ‘FinTech’) is one that has been welcomed by the coalition government and you can expect to see traditional banks coming under further pressure to adapt over the coming years.

You can find an excellent summary of the research’s findings in The Daily Telegraph.

UKIP winning the Google war

Whilst recent polls have seen support slipping for ‘the people’s army’, Google statistics have revealed that UKIP are way ahead of any other party when it comes to directing traffic to their official site via Google.

Overall UKIP were the 71st most frequent term that led users on to news sites, which again was way ahead of their rivals. There could be various reasons for this. The outsider status of UKIP could mean people are a bit more curious, or want to know more about the party beyond Nigel Farage.

Whilst UKIP are ahead of the others in these metrics, the SNP and Green parties have also seen significant rises in traffic, possibly due to their participation in the televised debates.

The Daily Telegraph carried the full data.

Happy birthday YouTube!

YouTube turned 10 this week, leading to a raft of stories on the rise of the platform. Originally envisioned as a way to share content with loved ones, YouTube has fundamentally changed the way people consume media, challenged business models and has even helped topple Governments.

Since being acquired by Google, it has gone from strength to strength, with 300 hours being uploaded every minute and tens of billions of views. It struggled to make money in the first few years, but now has seen major growth in revenues.

ITProPortal  looked at impact of YouTube, Parade posted the 10 most viewed videos and BBC News also ran a video story.