By April 10, 2015EU insight

By the London technology team

Markets twittering away over potential takeover

Twitter saw its share price rise by 4% after little birds in the markets speculated that Google and another un-named firm were in talks to take over the social network. 

Twitter is currently valued at $34 billion, $1.5bn more than it was worth last week before the rumours took hold.

ITPro and The Guardian reported the story, with investor news site ValueWalk discussing what it could mean for the business.

NHS Trust signs deal to help healthcare professionals on the move

Humber NHS Trust has signed a two year G Cloud deal to procure a mobile working solution from BT and TotalMobile which will allow healthcare professionals from the Trust to remotely access patient records, schedules, appointments and update notes on their mobile devices.

The contract is worth £1m and will help the 3,000 staff of the Trust serve their 600,000 population.

The story was well covered by Computerworld UK, and Techie News.

Artificial Intelligence and the accountability of ‘killer robots’

After a study highlighted that programmers, manufacturers and military commanders would all escape liability for deaths caused by fully autonomous weapons, the UN was urged to ban such ‘killer robots’ before they could be developed. The Guardian’s @owenbowcott has the story.

For many, the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds great promise, but for others it represents a major source of concern.  Writing for Tech crunch, Tim Oates issued a plea to put aside fears of a Skynet-style future based on Hollywood level understandings of AI and instead think meaningfully about AI can be used to speed up the process of solving some of the world’s most pressing problems.