By March 13, 2015EU insight

By the London technology team

Facebook to offer ‘deeper’ data to advertisers

Facebook’s 1.3 billion users are a tasty prospect for marketers and the social media giant’s latest big data offering is likely to prove popular. Facebook has announced a partnership with DataSift, a California-based analytics company, to launch a new ad-platform called Topic Data. This deeper level of data will give marketers a better sense of what people think about their products, and better identify the types of people who are talking about their products. 

Writing for Tech Advisor @zachminers reports.

Look out: Voice over 4G coming soon!

This week, the news broke that Vodafone will launch its voice over 4G service in Summer 2015. Voice over 4G, also known as VoLTE is an exciting, but relatively unknown technology amongst the general public, which, when introduced, will notably change call experience. Voice over 4G calls have noticeably better call quality and also significantly reduced connection speeds. Perhaps the most eagerly awaited development, however, is that widespread availability of VoLTE could drastically improve battery life!

The story was well covered by Alex Scroxton of Computer Weekly.

Maude’s Cyber Sorcery

Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office Minister, has used National Apprenticeship Week to launch new and revised training schemes designed to boost the number of young people taking up cyber security as a profession. A new strand has been added to the Civil Service Fast Track Apprenticeship Scheme in cyber security, with up 50 new places made available through The Tech Partnership, and 80 via the Civil Service Digital & Technology Fast Stream.

The Inquirer’s @DaveNeal33 has the story.