We have extensive experience in bringing together multiple organisations and stakeholders to campaign cohesively across various communication channels. This includes managing industry trade associations across different sectors, as well as single-issue alliances on specific campaigns.

Association Management

We are well versed in both setting up and managing trade associations to help provide a united industry voice to Government. Here we help coordinate all the membership and administrative services, advise their executive teams on strategy and manage the lobbying, PR, and marketing activity as a fully integrated service.

Alliance Building

We support single-issue campaign groups and industry alliances specifically on their lobbying and PR activity to provide both that strategic knowledge and the campaign management experience.

Integrated Communications

We assist our clients in communicating their campaigns across various media platforms including the national media, local press, and industry publications. We are also well versed in the use of social media and digital channels to maximise the reach to a wider audience.

Grass Roots Campaigns

Helping to garner support for a specific campaign can bring vocal and effective local stakeholders to the forefront. We have experience in both building relationships and activating individual champions, local action groups, patient groups, and other support networks to bring an issue to life.

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