PI Roundtable Series: Is peer-to-peer the economy of the future?

By Junho 23, 2015Julho 3rd, 2015PT

Is peer to peer the economy of the future


On June 25, the Political Intelligence Brussels office will hold a roundtable discussion with leading peer-to-peer actors across all sectors of the European economy. With a specific focus on digital entrepreneurship, the discussion will seek to answer the question of whether peer-to-peer is the economy of the future. 

Peer-to-peer (p2p) business models has come under increased regulatory attention from the European institutions in recent months. Owing to the increased scale, the revenues at play, and questions over consumer protection, EU regulators are seeking to take a more proactive role in the workings of this growing sector of economic activity.

In light of recent developments at EU level, we believe there is scope for reflection and collaboration on policy issues among the broad European p2p sectors. At present the emerging p2p sectors lack policy leadership in European discussions, a reality which ought to be addressed in pursuit of smart regulation.

It is in that context that we bring together p2p players of all sizes and across all sectors for a roundtable discussion on 25 June. Taking place at our EU office in Brussels, this discussion will seek to define the opportunities and challenges facing the p2p sector in the coming years. Attendees will grapple with three main questions:

  • Is p2p a new kind of economy?
  • What are the policy challenges for peer-to-peer players?
  • What are the opportunities for for innovative business models using p2p business models?

This discussion will be the first of many aimed at bringing clarity to p2p policy discussions, and assessing the potential for collaborative action when pursuing EU-level regulatory aims.

If you would like to learn more about this p2p roundtable or p2p policy issues generally, please contact our Brussels office.