General Election A to Z

By Maio 7, 2015PT

The 2015 General Election looks too close to call, with the possibility of another hung parliament and the polls suggesting that smaller parties will win more seats than ever. To help navigate the complexities of the election, Political Intelligence’s London team has decided to produce a handy A-Z guide of everything election.

So on every Thursday until polling day, we will publish a new letter, covering something that we think will play a role in the election. Topics will range from the issues and personalities that will define the campaign, to the gaffes, posters and the bizarre things that will make this very close election so compelling.

Political Intelligence is never a closed shop, so If you like our choices, have suggestions for what should feature in the A-Z, please tweet us @PoliticalIntel or leave a comment on our LinkedIn page.

A for Apathy

B for Boris

C for Coalition

D for Dimbleby

E for Economy

F for Focus Groups

G for Gaffes

H for Health

I for Immigration

J for Journalism

K for Knocking up

L for Lib Dems

M for Marginals

N for Nigel Farage

O for Opinion Polls

P for Posters

Q for Queen

R for Rational Choice

S for Scotland

T for TV debates

U for U Turns

V for Voters

W for Westminster Elite

X for X Marks the Spot

Y for Generation Y

Z for Zero Day