Our Guides to the Party Conference Fringes

By September 22, 2016May 10th, 2017UK insight

With Party Conference season now well underway, Political Intelligence has produced guides to the tech, health and EUT events at the upcoming Labour and Conservative party conferences.

With the Labour conference kicking off the day after the announcement of the leadership election and against a philosophical debate about the future direction of the party, it is set to be a fascinating backdrop. The Conservatives, on the other hand, will hear from the new Prime Minister for the first time, as the Government continues to work through its response to Brexit over an issue that has traditionally divided the party. Political Intelligence will be sending teams to both the Labour and Conservative conferences – you can follow our updates on our website and on Twitter.


Labour Tech Fringe Guide

Conservative Tech Fringe Guide

Labour Health Fringe Guide

Conservative Health Fringe Guide

Labour EUT Fringe Guide

Conservative EUT Fringe Guide