Guide to the EU Referendum Result

By June 20, 2016May 10th, 2017UK insight

By Alexander Mather, Consultant, London

Political Intelligence has produced a guide to the 2016 EU Referendum, including the possible implications of both a remain vote and leave vote.

The guide outlines:

  • When the final result is expected?
  • The immediate next steps in the days following the Referendum
  • Analysis of the future of the Prime Minister and state of the Union in the event of a leave vote
  • Analysis of the political fallout and the UK’s likely future relationship with the EU in the event of a remain vote
  • How the tech sector will be impacted by a vote to leave


Guide to the EU Referendum Result


Additionally, as a public affairs agency with offices in Brussels, Madrid and Paris and partnerships with agencies across Europe, we got in touch with our European colleagues to find out their thoughts on the Referendum.


The View from our European Partners