Minolta DSCRoland has a degree in Engineering and Management Studies from Cambridge University. His early career was in specialty electronic design and retailing, culminating in overseeing the designs for Amstrad, supplier of Europe’s top selling personal computers in the 1980’s. Following a period in technology journalism, he helped launch the UK’s first family-friendly Internet service, UK Online, in 1994, and became interested in the way policy and the law is commonly perceived to apply differently to the online and offline world. He has concentrated on the area of Internet regulation and governance for over ten years, as Director of Public Policy for the London Internet Exchange, and Public Affairs Officer for the secretariat of regional IP registry RIPE NCC.

During this time Roland actively participated in outreach activities to organisations such as the European Commission, OECD, ICANN, ITU, Council of Europe, United Nations and Law Enforcement Agencies. He has also convened and provided administrative support to many ad-hoc groups such as the UK’s Internet Crime Forum, RIPE NCC’s CoOperation Working Group and Government Roundtable initiative, as well as co-authoring and editing white papers on Internet Governance issues.