Political Intelligence Madrid is the first Public Affairs Agency in Spain to obtain the transparency certificate of TRACE International

By junio 13, 2017diciembre 20th, 2021ES insight, ES-Homepage

Political Intelligence Madrid has gone one step further to consolidate its long- term tradition and commitment to transparency, and particularly its leadership role in the field of ethics and the professionalization of the lobbying and institutional relations sector in Spain and in Europe. Political Intelligence Madrid is the first Public Affairs consulting agency in Spain to obtain the prestigious international certificate of the business association TRACE International.

There are many multinationals investing in due diligence processes and in reviewing their stakeholders’ activities, requiring comprehensive transparency and good practice requirements.  TRACE International is a global nonprofit trade group that provides multinationals and their worldwide stakeholders (suppliers, agencies, consultants, distributors, etc.) with real and effective solutions in the field of transparency. With a view to simplify and unify these processes, TRACE International has developed a single compliance certificate that lays down high demanding professional ethics and moral commitments requirements. TRACE International’s certificate grants recognition of good practice to those companies that fulfill its strict requirements, and enables them to share it with their stakeholders.

Political Intelligence Madrid has been subject to an exhaustive process of revision of its activity in order to obtain this recognized international certificate, increasing its transparency and good practice patterns. Thus, Political Intelligence Madrid continues to demonstrate its clear and strict commitment to the highest standards of transparency, as well as its acknowledgement as a truly committed company to maintaining the highest ethical standards in the practice of Public Affairs.