2014 European elections

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What will political change mean for you?

Andrea D'inceccoThis year, all eyes are on the various institutional changes within the European Union. The Parliament is up first, with elections taking place between May 22 and 25.  Forecasters are naturally pondering how this will impact on individuals, society and the business community. The Eurozone crisis has certainly created distrust not only in the free market economy but also in the ability of EU policymakers to help resolve the different problems across member states. The new Parliament will consist of representatives from a reshuffled and potentially much wider variety of interests, ranging from consumer rights advocates to “light touch” regulation evangelists; from Eurosceptics to Europhiles; from the mainstream parties  to extremists. The diversity will be wider  than ever before.

This will inevitably mean new political priorities, a more complex political arena and a new balance of power in reaching consensus. In this context, it is imperative that companies seize the opportunity to actively contribute in setting the right policy priorities for the European Union.

Political Intelligence will closely follow these trends, identify the threats and opportunities and analyse the most suitable approach for our clients in this new political landscape. We believe now is the right time to plan ahead, to test new ideas and develop new EU public affairs strategies that can set your company along the right path in the coming years.

Andrea D’Incecco – Managing Partner and EU Affairs Director


The 2014 European elections are an ideal opportunity for you to


  • Engage with new policymakers to promote your interests
  • Position your company as a trusted stakeholder amongst policy-makers
  • Raise your issues onto the agenda of the new legislature
  • Build  your network of institutional stakeholders
  • Mobilise groupings and coalitions on specific issues
  • Manage your brand reputation within the newly appointed institutions


Our Brussels team will gladly provide you with an initial evaluation – free of charge – surrounding the potential impact of the European elections to your organisation. Please contact us to discuss.

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