Economic growth and healthcare priorities of new Flemish government

By July 31, 2014EU insight

By Anne-Sofie Van de Velde, Brussels office

In Flanders a centre-right government has been formed from a coalition of the right-wing party Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie (N-VA), the Christian Democrats (CD&V) and the liberals (Open Vld). It is led by Geert Bourgeois who is the first N-VA Minister to hold the position of Flemish Prime Minister after decades of CD&V leadership with only a short liberal intermezzo between ‘99 and ‘04. The Government policy agreement mainly focuses on economic growth and healthcare with half a billion euros being invested in these areas by the end of the term. On the other hand, public administration will be downsized and made more efficient, while the administrative burden on civil society  will be reduced. The Flemish government is composed of:

Four N-VA ministers including the Minister-President:

  • Geert Bourgeois: Minister-President and Minister of Foreign Policy and Immovable Heritage
  • Liesbeth Homans: Vice-Minister-President and Minister for Home Affairs, Integration, Housing, Equality and Poverty Reduction
  • Ben Weyts: Minister for Mobility, Public Works, Tourism and Welfare
  • Philippe Muyters: Minister for Employment, Economy, Innovation and Sport

Three CD&V ministers:

  • Hilde Crevits: Vice-Minister-President and Minister for Education
  • Jo Vandeurzen: Minister for Welfare, Public Health and Family
  • Joke Schauvliege: Minister for Environment, Nature and Agriculture

Two Open VLD ministers:

  • Annemie Turtelboom: Vice Minister-President and Minister for the Budget, Finance and Energy
  • Sven Gatz: Minister for Culture, Media, Youth, and Brussels