Commission to publish EU regulatory guidelines on collaborative economy

By May 27, 2016May 10th, 2017EU insight

By Aline Brandstatter 

The European Commission is expected to publish guidelines on the collaborative economy on 2nd of June 2016.

The forthcoming guidelines aim at delivering the actions announced in the Digital Single Market strategy and the Single Market strategy. It will provide guidance on how existing EU rules on these issues should be applied to the collaborative economy. Policy recommendations to public authorities, market operators and citizens will be presented in order to encourage the balanced development of the sector in Europe;

For example:

  • How can the European Union address the range of diverse regulation to which services provided by collaborative business models may be subject at national, regional or local level between the Member States?
  • Should the European Union consider opting for sector-specific regulation for the collaborative economy?
  • Would the clarification of rights and obligations further encourage citizens to participate in the collaborative economy?

The above-listed questions are, among others, key matters that should be addressed in the upcoming guidelines, which are expected in the course of next week.