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The decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union was a seismic event in European politics, which will inevitably lead to some form of regulatory reset across most sectors.

Businesses are asking many questions around the various post-Brexit scenarios. These generally revolve around regulatory divergence, market access rights, attracting the necessary talent and the legal implications around business compliance. Meanwhile, Theresa May’s new administration is redrawing UK domestic policies and other Member States are using Brexit to redefine EU priorities and improve their own economic competitiveness.

These complexities bring both threats and opportunities to business, meaning all companies based in the UK or with trading interests with Britain and the wider EU market should: Assess the likely short, medium and long-term impact that Brexit will have on their operations ; determine how they should position themselves and take action if necessary. Political Intelligence is well placed to support you, both in preparing your internal company thinking on key Brexit issues  and helping you navigate the complex political landscape that will emerge throughout the negotiation process.

Latest Brexit Updates

Since the EU Referendum, we have been providing weekly updates on the key news and developments. These can be found below. If you wish to receive these updates straight to your inbox when they are released, please contact Alexander Mather at

Brexit Update 4th October 2019

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Top 3 developments The EU has rejected Boris Johnson’s new Brexit proposals as ‘unworkable’ Parliament will…

Brexit Update 27th September 2019

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Top 3 developments The Supreme Court announced its unanimous verdict that it was unlawful for Boris…

Brexit Update 20th September 2019

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Top 3 developments Government awaits verdict of Supreme Court hearing into legality of prorogation Britain has…

Brexit Update 13th September 2019

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Top 3 Developments  After several defeats this week, the Government has published their Operation Yellowhammer papers,…

Brexit Update 6th September 2019

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Top 3 Developments  The European Union (Withdrawal) (No.6) Bill to Parliament will likely complete its passage…
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Key Support Services

Brexit Workshops

A strategy workshop will be tailored to your business, to help navigate these unchartered waters. This will include i) a summary of the ongoing developments at UK and EU level as well as within key Member States ii) an overview of the implications for your business sector and iii) guidance on how best to engage with key stakeholders on Brexit issues.

Brexit Tracker

Politics has rarely moved at a faster pace and it is vital to keep on top of developments to effectively spot opportunities and mitigate risks. We will provide a regular Insights tracker on the latest developments from all key institutions and stakeholders, with targeted advice, counsel and analysis.

International Brexit Tracker

All member states will have a say in the final Brexit deal and national elections are likely to affect both the direction of travel and the negotiation approach. Our European network can provide counsel and advice to provide a greater level of understanding across different markets.

Scenario Planning

By outlining the different political scenarios and variables, Political Intelligence can help clients prepare for the potential outcomes, consider the possible risks, adapt messaging and manage internal communication.

Engagement Strategies

Engaging with policy makers and influencers is the most effective way of keeping on top of the Brexit discussions and ensuring your voice is heard. We can build engagement campaigns in Westminster, Brussels and other key EU markets to ensure you stay in touch.

Strategic communications and media relations

A day never goes by these days, without a major comment on Brexit in the media. We can help evaluate and manage inbound media requests, proactively seeks out media opportunities and crafts messages to deliver the maximum impact.

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