How We Can Help

Political Intelligence’s consultants are driven by an objectives and outcomes approach. This means that all our public affairs’ services are designed to achieving our clients overarching business objectives. These objectives can be broken down by identifying specific outcomes that can be evaluated on a regular basis. Outcomes can be benchmarked, reviewed and amended as a campaign develops but we believe it is important to set these targets as it provides clarity about what we are trying to achieve.

What is your objective?

  • To be on top of policy making that can potentially impact on your core business
  • To understand how the regulatory environment could affect your business
  • To engage with policymakers and nurture important stakeholders
  • To position your organisation to be consulted in policymaking
  • To raise awareness of specific issues, with key policy stakeholders
  • To raise awareness of your brand with key policy stakeholders
  • To build a network of policy stakeholders that can help you on specific policy issues
  • To maintain, or establish, a more favourable policy environment
  • To set-up, manage and advise trade associations, coalitions and other groups