The decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union was a seismic event in European politics, which will have a significant societal impact for the entire continent. The business world in particular is preparing for a regulatory reset that will affect all sectors in the way they operate to varying degrees.

Brexit can only be delivered if the UK completely or partially leaves the Single Market and with this comes a fragmentation of regulatory standards, questions over market access rights, the ability to attract talent and the legal implications (contracts, IP rights etc.) around business compliance in a post-Brexit world. The UK’s new Government under Theresa May, is also redrawing domestic priorities, which further complicates matters, while other Member States are using Brexit to redefine priorities for the EU and improve their economic competitiveness.

All this means that companies based in the UK or with trading interests with Britain and the wider EU market should:

  1. Assess the likely short, medium and long-term impact that Brexit will have on their operations
  2. Determine how they should position themselves
  3. Take action if necessary

The Brexit negotiation process will be a highly complex and dynamic process that will involve multiple players (Member State Governments, EU institutions, businesses and civil society organisations) at multiple levels. Positions will be formulated through Member State domestic negotiations, bilateral discussions and through multilateral talks both within and outside the formal negotiation process. It will be vital to stay on top of these developments and adapt business strategies where necessary.

With over 20 years’ experience helping companies navigate the political and regulatory landscape, Political Intelligence is well placed to support you with preparing your company for Brexit and helping you to navigate the complex political landscape that will emerge in the coming months and years.

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Key Services


Brexit Workshop

A kick-off strategy workshop will be tailored to your business, to help navigate these unchartered waters. This will include i) a summary of the ongoing developments at UK Government level ii) consideration of views from Brussels and other member states iii) an overview of the implications for your business and the wider sector and iv) guidance on how best to influence the decisions on key sector issues


Brexit Tracker

Politics has rarely moved at a faster pace and it is vital to keep on top of developments to effectively spot opportunities and mitigate risks.

Political Intelligence will provide a regular Insights tracker on the latest developments from Parliament, Government and the EU, with targeted advice, counsel and analysis.


Engagement strategies

Engaging with policy makers and influencers is the most effective way of keeping abreast of the Brexit discussions and ensuring your voice is heard. Political Intelligence can build engagement campaigns in Westminster, Brussels and other key EU markets to ensure your voice is heard and to contribute effectively in the various industry discussions taking place across the different sectors.


International Brexit Tracker

All member states will have a say in the Brexit negotiations and our network of partners can provide counsel and advice to provide an understanding of the key areas of interest in specific markets. With national elections likely to affect current Brexit positioning, it will be important for companies to understand the wider international context.


Scenario planning

By outlining the different political scenarios and variables, Political Intelligence can help clients prepare for every outcome, help identify possible risks, advise on how to adapt messaging and manage internal communication.


Strategic communications and media relations

As politics and media converge, effective cross channel communications help deliver business objectives. Alongside our strategic partners Hotwire PR, Political Intelligence helps clients evaluate and manage inbound media requests, proactively seeks out media opportunities and crafts messages to deliver the maximum impact.