Brexit: What does it mean for your company?

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June’s referendum vote was undoubtedly one of the most seismic events in British politics for decades and will clearly have huge impact on the United Kingdom for years to come. Here at Political Intelligence, it’s been a busy few weeks! We have been working hard to ensure our clients are kept fully up to speed with developments and provided with the necessary insights from across our European network.

For the tech sector, there are clearly a lot of challenges and unknowns following the decision, with businesses of all sizes unclear as to what the future holds. Despite the current uncertainty, it is vital that your organisation can be as informed as possible for the changes that will emerge in a post-Brexit world. Whatever the issues (be it the use of data, the ability to trade, access to talent or future compliance within a new regulatory regime) it important to mitigate the potential risks and plan for the new opportunities for your organisation.

With Parliament now in recess for the summer, Theresa May’s new administration will begin the process of developing the UK’s negotiating position on exiting the European Union. Now is the time to ensure your organisation is prepared accordingly and can position itself effectively in future opportunities to engage with government and regulators both ahead of and during the negotiation phase.

How can we help?

The London office is offering a company-specific political Brexit workshop. This will be tailored to your needs and will help your business navigate these uncharted waters. This will include:

  • A summary of the key developments with an outline of relevant UK Government changes and alterations in policy direction
  • Consideration of views from Brussels and other member states
  • An overview of the implications for your business and the wider sector
  • An analysis of potential scenarios regarding the UK’s deal
  • Guidance on how best to influence the decisions on key sector issues within the negotiations
  • Considerations around your wider communications strategy on Brexit

If you are interested in a workshop, tailored to your company’s priorities, please do click the link below and we can arrange a suitable date in the coming weeks to meet with you and any colleagues at a time and place that suits.

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