Since 1995

Political intelligence was established in 1995 in a very small office in Westminster but with ambitions to provide public affairs services with a strong European awareness to address the increased role of the European Union in regulating most business sectors.

In early 1997 the Brussels office was opened, a deliberate bold step but filling a clear gap in the market.

Other location naturally following in subsequent years such as Madrid, Edinburgh, Rome, Lisbon and Paris.

While Political Intelligence specialised prior to 2001 in the internet, communications and technology sectors, the company has very successfully expanded to provide public affairs services in all key business sectors in the last decade.



Our success is built on our people. We are a team of bright, dedicated and enthusiastic public affairs professionals with a passion for making a difference.


We have an active presence in the key European markets through our own team and partners to ensure our clients have the necessary reach to engage with both national and EU institutions.


We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients, where we become both trusted advisors and an integral part of their own team.


Transparency is at the heart of what we do and we are proud to be long-standing and active members of our public affairs industry associations playing our part in raising standards through strictly enforced codes of practice.


We gear all our public affairs activity to achieving our clients’ business objectives – a clear and simple focus.


Political Intelligence offers a challenging, rewarding and social working environment which empowers our team members to achieve the best results possible for our clients.


A vision of transparency

We consider public affairs as an evolution and improvement of the democratic process in which companies, trade associations, labor unions and civil society participate in the decision-making process in order to enrich the policy and regulation. Our vision is one of transparency and best practice where our teams abide within ethical standards which guarantee a transparent and professional representation of our client’s interest.

Political Intelligence closely follows best practice as outlined by EU Transparency Register (ID number: 34863197284-43)

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