20th anniversary

For its 20-year anniversary team building trip, PI Brussels, went to Disneyland Paris for two days of adventure. The trip was a complete surprise to everyone except our brilliant managers, Isabelle and Andrea, who did a fantastic job at keeping the staff in the dark. After two days of excitement and fun in the magic kingdom, we came back to Brussels stronger as a team and with lots of great memories.

State of Play 2017

20 years of Commitments


For the past 20 years, PI Brussels has been committed to be transparent with its clients and with European Institutions. We are proud to be long-standing and active members of our public affairs industry associations playing our part in raising standards through strictly enforced codes of practice.

Gender equality

This year, our office reached the optimum gender equality balance with 50% of women and 50% of men. PI Brussels have been continuously promoting the inclusion of good governance and gender equality as the key components of a sustainable and dynamic office.


The diversity of our office, which offers real know-how and cultural understanding, is reflected in our diverse team, counting 9 nationalities speaking a total of 10 languages.


Our office boasts a highly skilled team from a wide array of educational and professional disciplines. Our diverse backgrounds add to the overall competence and experience of the team which gives us a deep range of skills to work with.

Sector expansion

Twenty years ago, PI Brussels started working primarily for Tech companies having the expertise in the domain. Thirsting for knowledge, PI Brussels has continuously developed its field of vision and skills, by today succeeding in working for clients covering a dozen of business sectors.